Organizing services

Joanna’s Cleaning is a full-service organization with a number of Polish specialities. For us, each client we service is individual, so during your first consultation we can together consider the best routines for your apartment. Our organizing services will evaluate the problem areas in your house, so it will be easier to help you with your messy apartment. What is more, during this short conversation we can discuss your bad habits, tendencies and lifestyle so it will be much easier to find a perfect solution tailored particularly to you.

Do you want keep your household nice, tidy and organized but you feel like having no time to achieve that? Don’t worry! With our organizing services you can spend less time and money to maintain your house and have more time for your pleasures and other things you love.

Depending on your preferences, we can help you in following residential organization:

• Home organization generally

• Kitchen organization (including cabinets, shelves, fridge and other nooks and crannies)

• Basements and garages organization

• Financial document management

• And more! Just contact us with your special needs. | Phone: (718) 600-3366 | New York City (NYC) - Brooklyn / Manhattan