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Let us be honest with you - life is too short to waste your time on tidying up your own house. Our maid service in Brooklyn is more than willing to do this for you. Let our professional and trustworthy team members take the utmost care of your home while you are spending these extra hours with your loved ones or doing the things you are passionate about. Sounds amazing, right? We like to call ourselves a clean-fectionists, it is a unique combination of cleaningness and being a perfectionist - two things that sum up Joanna’s maid service supremely. So if you are looking for a company that offers consistent, reliable and one of the best cleaning services in town, you came to the right place!

Let us tell you a little about our company. Joanna’s is a Polish business that prides itself in employing only the best workers from Europe. Most of our maids are from Poland, and if you have ever met anyone from this country, you already know how hard-working they are. And that is exactly what you can expect from our maid service in Brooklyn. Our employees are thorough, detail oriented and extremely friendly. They love their job and it is so clear to see. It is more than sure that they will bring joy and positivity to your home, of course along with cleanliness! They respect your home, its privacy and most importantly its residents, also the furry one. Yes, Joanna’s is pet friendly!

Spotlessly professional maid services in Brooklyn

Provided by Joanna’s maid service located in Brooklyn is all about our clients. We care deeply about our customers - regular and potential ones. It is very important for Joanna’s to know what is expected of us and what our clients want and need. That is why we always make sure to sit with you right at the beginning of our visit and have a chat about the work that needs to be done. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your individual preferences and answer any questions you may have. Thanks to this proceeding our maid service is even more effective since we can follow your exact instructions and fully customize our work to your personal needs.

As we have mentioned, we care about our customers. We love creating new connections on a daily basis and stay in touch and keep a long relationships with our regular clients. Everyday we make sure our standards are high and our performance excellent. As it turns out, thanks to that our maid service in Brooklyn has managed to win loyalty and trust of all of our previous and current customers. We also care about environment and for that reason our Polish team members use only eco-friendly, organic and carefully tested top shelf brands. It does make a difference and helps with maintaining a right balance between clean home and environment's safety. If you want to know more about our products - call us!

Let our maid services located in Brooklyn take care of your house

Joanna’s maid service in Brooklyn has a rich offer of a various cleaning option that will fit just right into your schedule. While arranging our visits at your home, we always take into account your plans and commitments. We are flexible as much as we can be and will do everything to find a right day and time just for you. Joanna’s is also surprisingly affordable! So whatever budget you may be on, do not worry, we will find a perfect maid service that is in your price range. We believe everyone deserves refreshed, shiny and neat place and with us you can have it!

Our company offers regular and occasional cleaning, as well as move in/move out and post construction housework. We also have two different cleaning plans - standard and deep. Standard option includes keeping your home up to par, for example vacuuming, dusting, mopping or sweeping bedroom and living room. Standard maid service located in Brooklyn also takes care of your bathroom and kitchen. When it comes to deep cleaning, it includes everything standard plan has to offer, plus so much more, for example washing windows (inside only) or helping with organising kitchen cabinets. To learn more details about services provided within every cleaning plan, please visit ‘Services’ section. | Phone: (718) 600-3366 | New York City (NYC) - Brooklyn / Manhattan