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Dear potential and regular customers, it is our extreme pleasure to introduce all of you to our outstanding maid service in NYC! You are probably wondering what is so special about our company, let us explain. At Joanna’s we believe that life is too short to clean your own place because there is just so many amazing things you could do with your extra hours. And that is where we come in. Let us do your housework for you with an utmost care and feel free to enjoy your free time with your loved ones. It is time for you to cross house cleaning off your to-do list and trust Joanna’s maid service to leave your home refreshed and spotless. You will be delighted with the results of our work!

Joanna’s team consist of professional and thorough employes who are not afraid of hard work and pay huge attention to even the smallest details. Our amazing cleaning ladies come from Europe and are mostly of Polish background. We are very proud of our team and believe they are one of the main reasons our company is one of the top ones on the cleaning market. Joanna’s maid service located in NYC is here to make your life easier, happier, and most importantly spotless! Our customer service is impressively efficient and guarantees that all of your expectations and needs will be met. Our continually raising standards are the proof of our commitment to all of our precious clients.

Outstanding maid services located in NYC that suits every pocket

Joanna’s is that type of cleaning company that wants to make sure everyone will get a chance to experience our great maid service. For that reason, we pride ourselves in being affordable for anyone who only wishes to have a clean and shiny home. Do not worry, while prices may be low, standards and quality of our services are exceptionally high. So whatever budget you are on, if you have ever dreamed about perfect cleanliness of your house, we are here to make your dreams come true. Please, do not hesitate to call us whenever you feel like it to ask us anything about Joanna’s maid service based in NYC. We are more than happy to chat about our cleaning options, our work ethic or products we use.

Our cleaning company is the best answer to all maintenance needs for your precious house. Before coming in, our employees like to talk to our clients about their expectations, individual preferences and needs. We always listen carefully to our clients’ instructions and follow them while cleaning their homes. Our maid service is fully customized so if you wish for us to focus on one area and skip other ones, just let us know! We will make sure to fulfill any of your requests and leave you satisfied and happy with the effects of our work. We respect your home and its residents, and this also apply to animals. Yes, we are pet friendly!

Housework has never been so easy with Joanna’s maid services located in NYC

Joanna’s top maid service in NYC is all about exceeding our clients’ expectations and making their house cleaning experience extraordinary! For that reason, we are not only flexible and affordable, but also are working with products that has been marked as safe for our environment. We believe it is very important so use eco-friendly brands that have been properly tested. It not only does make a change for our natural surroundings, but also leaves your home smelling nice and refreshing. Our maid service team cares about environment and the planet our future generations will live on, so if you do too, we are a perfect match then!

Joanna’s offers its customers a variety of cleaning options - optional, regular, standard or deep cleaning. Our team also can help you with move in or move out tidying up or post construction one. If you have a special service request, that is fine too. We provide maid service in NYC that always puts its clients’ needs first. So if you are ready for a professional Polish Lady to come to your home and clean it without overlooking even the smallest details, give us a call! We are always excited to talk to you, and happy to answer all of your questions about offered services. | Phone: (718) 600-3366 | New York City (NYC) - Brooklyn / Manhattan