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Let us be honest - houses get messy very quickly and pretty easily and who does not love coming back to the neat and refreshed home? Joanna’s housekeeping service located in NYC will make sure your place is always spotless and well organized when you get back from work. Thanks to our offer you will be able to check this major chord off your to-do list, enjoy your extra hours a day doing the thing you are passionate about with the people you love and always come back to the clean home ready for you to feel comfortable and relaxed at. Sounds amazing, right? We are more than happy to make this happen. With Joanna’s housekeeping service your life will be so much easier!

Our company and its services were carefully designed to bring cleanliness to your life without any of your effort. We mean business at all times so that you do not have to worry about anything related to the housework. Let us take care of your home! At Joanna’s we respect your precious time and want you to have more of it for yourself. This is why we are offering you and your family the best housekeeping service in NYC area that stands out among the others with its reliability, professionalism and flexibility. Our job is to make your life easier and we take it very seriously. Do not wait any longer and arrange our first appointment today!

Meet the team of the best housekeeping service in NYC

Joanna’s is the type of company that makes sure to hire only dependable professionals. Our team consist mostly of the European workers, mainly of a Polish background. They perform our housekeeping service in NYC with an utmost care and impressing attention to details, making sure any stain or mark will not go unnoticed. Our amazing Polish cleaning ladies have a remarkable work ethic and make sure to work as hard as they can at all times. Their positive attitude will bring joy and happiness to your homes along with an amazing cleanliness. We believe our employees are the secret to Joanna’s success on a housekeeping service market and one of the main reasons of us becoming a top cleaning company.

Everyday we work enormously hard to improve our already efficient customer service. It is extremely important for Joanna’s staff members to fully understand our customers’ individual preferences and their precise needs. One of the most important part of working with us is having a talk with you before starting tidying up your home. To make sure our housekeeping service in NYC meets all of your expectations, one of our employees will have a chat with you to go over the details, answer your questions if you happen to have any, and take notes of your specific instructions. Thanks to this, our cleaning lady will be able to follow your recommendations and assure your full satisfaction.

All the benefits of Joanna’s housekeeping service located in NYC

At Joanna’s we make sure to provide fully customized housekeeping service in NYC area. We are here to listen and meet your needs, as well as ensure your home spotlessly cleanliness. This is our job and we take it extremely seriously. So if you have any special wishes, maybe you would like for us to focus on one area or skip the other one, just let us know and we will make sure to make it happen. It is also perfectly fine if you have a need to change your cleaning schedule at the last minute. Give us a call and we will arrange the housekeeping service to be provided at the more convenient time for you and your family. Joanna’s is also happy to inform you about us being a pet friendly company!

We also care about the environment and for that reason our hard working Polish ladies use only eco-friendly cleaning products. We feel like this is extremely important and we are more than proud to call ourselves an organic cleaning company. While providing our housekeeping service in NYC we replaced harmful chemicals and detergents with carefully tested and properly marked environmental-friendly brands. It gives a nice balance between ensuring your home’s freshness and cleanliness and taking care of our planet. If you would like to learn more about the products we use, our company and its employees’ work ethic, please call us whenever you feel like it.

Professionally affordable housekeeping service in NYC area

Housekeeping service offered by Joanna’s is completely affordable for anyone who only wishes to have their home taken care of. So whatever budget you are on, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a perfect cleaning plan just for you! While prices may be low, our standards are extremely high! We are all about providing reliable and high quality commercial cleaning services to all of our clients. Thanks to our incredible housekeeping service in NYC, we gained their trust and loyalty, and manage to create new connections and relationships on a daily basis.

Joanna’s offers its customers a various cleaning options to keep their homes up to par and organized at all times. Regular housekeeping will take care of your everyday needs by ensuring your place’s cleanliness on a daily or bi-daily basis. Proposed by our company standard housekeeping service located in NYC includes vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and dusting common areas and bedrooms, as well as sanitizing kitchen and bathroom areas. To learn more about Joanna’s offer and details of every plan, please visit ‘Services’ section.

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