Deep cleaning

Joanna’s cleaning is a full-service company provide a professional housework – including deep cleaning – at responsible prices. This type of housework is recommended for our first visit, because it will get your home extremely tidy. After this deep cleaning, our service will keep your home in top shape. It is also very useful after events, or during holiday season.

This professional service is especially for:

• Moving into new home

• Moving out of home

• Spring cleaning

• As a special gift for someone

Our service routine is tailored to individual needs, but our basics task include:

• Cleaning bathroom

• Cleaning kitchen

• Cleaning bedroom and other rooms

• Organizing areas in your house

Because we treat our Clients individually, depending on your preferences, we can stop here or do something more. Our customers are very important for us, so if you have some special needs, don’t be ashamed to call us! All things considered - with Joanna’s cleaning you can spend less time and money to maintain your house and have more time for your pleasures and other things you love. | Phone: (718) 600-3366 | New York City (NYC) - Brooklyn / Manhattan