Bedrooms cleaning

We all know, that keeping a house looking great can be a really challenging task, especially if you have kids. You probably don’t have all day to do your dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing floor and clean the toilet, but still you can find some time on the weekends to give the house good cleaning and make it nice and shiny.

Have you ever think about what you can do during this time instead of bedrooms cleaning? For sure you will take some time with your family and friends. What you can do is to call upon Joanna’s cleaning for professional cleaning service. As a specialised company employing the best Polish housekeepers, we take provide in our work. Saying that, you can be totally sure, that commissioned us bedroom cleaning will be on the highest quality level.

Our service routine is tailored to individual needs, but our basics task include:

• Dusting all furniture

• Sanitizing telephone and remote control

• Cleaning the upholstery

• Doing the windows

• Dusting inside drawers

• Vacuuming the drapers and blinds

• Changing the sheets

• Vacuuming the floors

• ...and many others! | Phone: (718) 600-3366 | New York City (NYC) - Brooklyn / Manhattan