Bathrooms cleaning

Do you feel like cleaning your bathroom regularly but still it stays untidy? Don’t be ashamed to call upon our professional service to thoroughly do your bathrooms cleaning - disinfect and clean at once!

As a professional company employing the best polish housekeepers, we take provide in our work. Saying that, you can be totally sure, that your bathroom will be shiny and clean like never before.

Our bathrooms cleaning routine is tailored to individual needs, but our basics task include:

• Removing access hair from the floor

• Removing cobwebs (if necessary)

• Wiping off the dust from all pictures, shelves, baseboards and blinds

• Deep cleaning bath, shower and toilet

After that, our Polish housemaids are dries and shines all mirrors and tiles to make sure everything is perfect. Because we treat our Clients individually, depending on your preferences, we can stop here or do something more. Our customers are very important for us, so if you have some special needs, don’t be ashamed to call us! | Phone: (718) 600-3366 | New York City (NYC) - Brooklyn / Manhattan